🎁🎀 A Few of My Favorite Things! 🎀🎁

🎁🎀 A Few of My Favorite Things! 🎀🎁 Day 12 of the 12 Days of Beauty!

The holidays are truly one of my favorite things! This year has been monumentally challenging for so many. Fear, restrictions, stress and isolation are just a few of the energies that have dominated our year. But I ask you, to just give yourself permission to take a break and do a bit of visualization with me!

I would ask you take 3 deep breathes and slowly release each breath. Now, scanning your body, notice all the areas that feel tight, restricted or heavy. Give yourself permission to gather all that heavy energy you have been feeling this year, gather it in your hands into a ball from all the parts of your body that the energy is in. The ball of energy that can be as large or as small as you need. What color is your ball of heavy energy? Even though it is heavy energy, as you gather it, it feels manageable for you. Check again in your body,... is there any heavy energy left? You have been carrying this energy long enough. As you hold the heavy energy, take a deep breathe and hold, giving yourself permission to release this energy. And on your exhale, place your ball of heavy energy in a box that has appeared before you. The box is the same color as your heavy energy. Breathing deeply in and out, imagine that you are wrapping this box into the most beautiful gift. What color of wrapping paper would you use? What color of ribbon and bows? There it is ,... the most beautifully wrapped gift. On your next inhale, take a moment to thank your gift energy ball for being with you, and on the exhale say "I release you to universe, where energy is neither created or destroyed, and instead be transmuted to LOVE and LIGHT." Watch as you gift effortlessly floats towards the heavens. Watching as long as you can, till your gift is the tiny speck that is no longer visible. Take another deep breathe in and out, and scan your body again for any residual heaviness. How do you feel? What are the energies you are feeling now? Are they light, calm, at peace, love, hope, understanding? All of the above or just a few? These are the energies of LIGHT and LOVE, and the energies that I resonate as the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS!

I graciously hold onto this energy, and no matter what the demands and stresses of the holidays, I ask that these energies stay with me, filling my body, mind and soul with this glorious spirit, that reminds me that I also need to take the time to LOVE myself. The SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS means sharing in the calm, peace, love, hope and understanding to others, but also a gentle reminder to extend that LOVE to myself. So in honor of this reminder, I present to you, A Few of My Favorite Things!

🎀White Peppermint Patty Holiday Collection

Peppermint as long been one of my life long favorites. Whether its in the form of a candy, peppermint mocha latte or peppermint beauty products. The magical aroma of peppermint leaves me all warm, loved and filled with good will towards others! The White Peppermint Patty Holiday Collection embodies that energy in Natural, Clean Exceptional Beauty Products that is healthy for your skin, body, mind and spirit! Each and every time I use any of the White Peppermint Patty Holiday Collection products, I am immediately reminded that my needs, my self-care is the number 1 priority to keeping myself heathy, so that I can share the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS with my loved ones, friends and the world.

🎀Mini Gift Combo

This Mini Gift Combo is an inexpensive little treat, in a festive little package, that makes it one of my favorite things! The combo is a mini bath bomb and lip balm and comes in either the Sweet Vanilla Frost or White Peppermint Patty. What better way to show your LOVE than to gift natural self-care to others. Nourishing your bathing experience and revitalizing your lips (especially with the colder weather and mask use). These are two areas easily forgotten when it comes to LOVING yourself and indulging in essential self-care.

🎀Mango Rose Hydrating Facial Mist

With cooler temperatures comes my own battle with keeping my skin hydrated and moisturized. The Mango Rose Hydrating Facial Mist is what I grab for the most. This amazing facial mist leaves my skin feeling hydrated, smooth and supple. Sometimes I even need a quick spritz throughout the day, leaving my skin feeling revived and pampered,... definitely one of my favorite things! And I am extremely confident that it will be one of yours as well!

🎀Flawless Facial Serum

As the weather gets colder, I notice how much I miss the sunshine and all the amazing life that nature has during the growing season. I miss the abundant variety of fruits and vegetables - many that can be homegrown. Over the year, I have noticed that my skin also appears to get duller and misses the sunshine and variety of fruits and vegetables too. The Flawless Facial Serum contains some of those fruits, vegetables and vitamins from the sun. With a power load of natural botanicals, minerals, vitamins and nutrients, the Flawless Facial Serum restores and rejuvenates my skin to its healthy, radiant, nourished state, thus making it one of my very favorite things!

What are your favorite things and why? Allow the SPIRIT of CHRISTMAS to radiate through you this season,... give the gift of Natural Self-care this year, to yourself and others! Embrace the LOVE and LIGHT and celebrate the UNIQUE BEAUTY of YOU!

Thank you for being with Soul Concept this year as we showcased our 12 Days of Beauty together with our LOVE of the holidays! Sharing our passion for natural beauty, exceptional product formulations, and admiration of nature and all it's benefits is why we do what we do. If you learnt a new beauty tip, discovered a natural ingredient that interested you or uncovered a new beauty product that is leaving your skin nourished, healthy and radiant,... then we have been successful in our mission to give you the 12 Days of Beauty! (Don't fret if you missed a day,... the 12 Days of Beauty are available on the Natural Beauty Blog! )

🎀We wouldn't be here, without you! To express our heartfelt thank you to each of you and in the Spirit of Christmas, we are gifting you our HOLIDAY20 promo code for 20% Off the 2020 Limited Holiday Collection. (Promo code expires Dec 19th.) Giving the gift of Natural Self-Care this year, to yourself and others, just got a little bit easier! Place your order today, before our limited stock is gone!

May the Spirit of Christmas fill you and radiate through you... Love Michelle

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