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Bonus! My Personal Tips for Balancing Self-care with the Holidays!

For optimal overall health and well being, I focus on 4 main pillars of self-care that are my staples through the holidays and the winter season! There are many activities that can go under each pillar, but I'm sharing with you my personal activities. The most important part of balancing self-care is to be conscious of these pillars and how you can provide nourishment to each pillar daily!


Skin care is increasingly more important in my life. I dedicate a majority of my time exploring the benefits of nature, formulating amazing beauty products, testing those products on myself and choosing to apply products to my skin that are non-toxic and will work in harmony with my whole being. You might consider that, a lot of time focused on my skin, however during the holidays and the winter season, I find that I am ramping up my evening ritual. I take greater care and time to choose the most nourishing, hydrating , revitalizing and protective products. Taking this time to observe my skin and honor its needs. That includes my face care routine, body care ritual of applying lotion or cream to my skin after each shower or bath and my getting into bed routine, which includes my favorite slathering of White Peppermint Patty Body Butter Cream to my feet and White Peppermint Patty Hand, Body & Foot Lotion on my hands. Not only am I able to sleep more deeply with all my skin nourished and hydrated, but I LOVE waking to feeling soft, smooth skin in the morning!


While movement for my body, is always consciously on my mind for body self-care, I do find that the holidays and particularly the winter month's, I am really noticing the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables that we have during the summer. With the variety limited during the winter, and the taste just not the same as freshly grown and picked, I know that my body is not getting the same amount of vitamins and nutrients that I believe it needs. Most of those vitamins and nutrients, support all parts of our overall well being. From optimal body functions, to regulating emotional and mental health; the list of benefits from vitamins and nutrients is an all-encompassing list to vitality. I take supplements to ensure that I can stay as healthy as possible! The world of supplements and holistic health is vast and can be overwhelming, so that's why I wouldn't trust just anyone. For me, it's not about an individual supplement or altering what I'm eating or not eating,... it's about discovering those changes/supplements that are what your body needs, when your body needs it and how to support that function in your body. It's about a holistic approach at looking at all aspects and putting a harmonious plan together to support all the pillars of self-care. There is only one Holistic Health Practitioner that I trust, Vannette Keast Health Consulting. Highly recommend, if you are struggling with knowing what you need, Vannette can decipher and translate your needs so your holistic health and well-being is supported!


Although our minds are constantly being bombarded with information, images, messaging, I find that mental 'overload' is not helpful and healthy. For me, I need to consciously 'learn' something every day. It might be as simple as learning a new word or the definition of the word, to learning a new task or activity. I consciously and purposely ensure that I learn something, each and every day! This simple thing seems to help with brain fog and mental sharpness and emotional feels really good to never stop learning!


I have tried meditation and energy healing, and although they are very much nourishing to my soul, being out in Nature brings me the most connection and rejuvenating energy to my spirit! A simple walk in Nature disconnects me from the hustle and bustle, allowing me to feel grounded in Mother Nature. Even in winter, the freshness, the beauty, the life outside is all awe-inspiring. This simple daily activity is so powerful for optimal health and well-being and truly one of my very favorite!

I hope you have enjoyed my personal tips for balancing self-care. Self-care is not just a nice to have,... it's essential for optimal health and well-being. Make your own conscious plan to nourish your skin, body, mind and spirit and celebrate the UNIQUE BEAUTY of YOU!


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