Halloween Masterpiece,... Starts with the Perfect Prep

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. Not only is it part of the fall holidays, but it's also a time to be creative, and get to be someone/something different. I have never grown out of dressing up for Halloween, and make up is a huge part of my Halloween transformation. (Thankfully, I have a partner willing to participate in my yearly creative vision, even added a Skincare Ritual for him too!) But I couldn't do this make up, without knowing that my skin was happy and protected first!

It is no secret that good make up, starts with the great and perfect preparation. And we are talking about not just your Skincare Ritual , but in the skin care products that choose. Halloween make up is often more extreme, perhaps heavier and thicker than what you would usually use, and is often requires the use of darker colors and make up products that will stick to your face more than what you would usually use. All of this comes down to using the best skincare products, for not just your finest Halloween make up, but also for the easy removal of that make up as well. Halloween wouldn't be nearly as fun if you battled breakouts and skin sensitivity, long after your Halloween make up was removed.

But, I'm here to tell you that you can have great make up and great skin! Soul Concept beauty products are formulated to ensure the best vitamins, minerals, nutrients, cleansing, hydration and protection are packed into these products. Following the Soul Concept 4R's for Radiant Skin and following the Skincare Ritual can ensure that your skin will look it's very best (not just on Halloween), no matter how much make up you decide to put on. However, putting on great Halloween make up is only half the battle. Soul Concept has the perfect gentle cleansing for even the toughest cleaning challenge. With our Oil Cleansing products, even Halloween make up can be cleansed off safely, gently, and easily. Want to know more about oil cleansing, then check this out.

Skincare products are used to add vitamins, minerals, nutrients, hydration and offer extra protection to your skin. Are your skincare products measuring up? Then how about a FREE Personal Skincare Ritual Recommendation Report and Samples? Soul Concept is dedicated to creating the highest quality beauty products that your skin is wanting, needing and asking for as we celebrate the UNIQUE BEAUTY of YOU, everyday.

Hope you all had a Spook-tacular Halloween!


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