Oily / Breakout Prone Skin Essentials

Do any of the following characteristics describe your skin:

  • Shiny, oily or slick looking skin

  • large and/or darkened pores

  • acne breakout blemishes

  • may have combination skin; oily T-Zone area, with dry and/or dehydrated cheek and eye area.

This skin type is what Soul Concept calls Sebum Control. Please checkout the Skin Mood page for more information on this skin mood/type and others.

Sebum is the natural oil that our skin makes to keep our skin supple, nourished and balanced. When you have any over production of sebum then you will start to notice oil, shiny, slick looking skin. Often with an overproduction of sebum, the result may be more dirt, dead skin cells, and pollutants get trapped in your skin pores. This can cause further breakouts. Sebum production and breakouts fluctuate with hormone fluctuations, therefore making it difficult to control and can happen at any age. If you are having breakout, but your skin is NOT oily, please fill out the short questionnaire at the end of the Skin Mood Page, for a FREE Skincare Ritual Recommendation Report and Samples for your specific skin mood.

Soul Concept has some essential products for use on on Oily/Break-out Prone type skin. Our formulas are cruelty free, clean and abundant with natural benefits that nature provides. Our 4R's approach to skincare is to provide you the basics of what each skin type needs may be to promote radiant and balanced skin, exposing the UNIQUE BEAUTY of YOU!

Under the Relieve step, we recommend the Citrus Dandelion Cleansing Oil. This gentle cleansing oil is great for removing make-up. Just apply the Citrus Dandelion Cleansing Oil to a cotton pad and gently scrub the makeup off your dry face. Then apply more to the rest of your face, rubbing gently, while the cleansing oil attracts all the unwanted oils, dirt and grime from your face. Then wetting your hands and gently rubbing over your face, the cleanser will emulsify the oil and water together to produce a fine milkiness, that washes completely away with more water. Leaving your face freshly cleansed, with drying and stripping your skin. There is a misconception that your need to clean and exfoliate deeper when you have breakout prone skin, however the more extreme cleansing and exfoliation often causes and perpetuates more breakouts. Gentle, but effective cleansing is always the best.

Next step is to Rebalance with Witch Willow Breakout Clear Toner. Often the step of toning skin is missed, and this might arguably be one of the most important steps in every skincare ritual. This step has two very important roles. The first is to ensure that no further dirt, grime or oil is visible anywhere on your skin. This ensures that your face is perfectly clean. The second, perhaps even most important role of the two, is to rebalance and ensure that the skin is at its optimal pH. Skin is naturally slightly acidic, and Soul Concept products are formulated to maintain that optimal pH.

Receive is the step that moisturizes, smooths and protects the surface of the skin. Lotions and creams are required to form a protective layer over skin, thus forming a barrier for nutrients to penetrate into skin layers and keep natural moisture in skin cells, all the while the barrier shields against dust, dirt, oil and pollutants from penetrating into skin pores. Witch Willow Breakout Clear Lotion is formulated to provide this protection, nutrient support, control to natural oil production, and gentle exfoliation & rejuvenation. This light lotion is perfect for both am and pm routines. Skin is ready now for the addition of sun protection &/o make up.

The Revive stage of this skin care ritual will be performed as needed, after the previous steps, in the evening before bed. The Breakout Spot Serum is a brightly colored, orange serum that is packed with skin healing and rejuvenating oils that are essential for soothing, reducing redness and to aid in faster healing. Placing this serum on problem spots that are just starting to appear, or areas that in full breakout (just avoid eye area), will allow the oils to work while you rest, resulting in less redness and faster skin healing. The bright orange color will fade over time, so give it a few minutes, before your face hits the pillow.

This is general guidance, as always listen to your skin. We each have unique skin types/moods that require specific needs. Trust your intuition and listen... you will know what you need . 

GUIDANCE is great,

LISTEN to your intuition

OBSERVE your skin

ACCEPT your unique beauty

If you would like customized recommendations for your unique skin and FREE samples of the recommended products, then please fill out the short form on our Skin Mood page. We are happy to provide recommendations and samples of our exceptional products, because after all, words only go so far,... the proof is in the product and how your skin looks and feels when using it!

Always celebrating the UNIQUE BEAUTY of YOU!


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