Self-care Opportunity Sunday (or S.O.S.) What's on your agenda?

What Sunday self-care ritual will you implement? How will you honor your skin, body and soul?
Self-care Opportunity Sundays

S.O.S. is meant for you to give yourself the gift of time and approval to provide some TLC to your skin, body and soul! Let us know how you honored yourself this Sunday in the comments below!

August 9, 2020

1. With August comes the ability to harvest. We were amazed that one of our Apple trees was ripe for picking this early. This means baking and canning with all things apple! (and thankfully some of our wonderful neighbour's helped us out by taking some apples off our hands! Gardening and working in the dirt, harvesting vegetables or fruits is truly an amazing way to connect with nature, it's perfection and it's bounty! #natural

2. Working in the garden or dirt can be very drying to your hands and cuticles. Use a product such as the Repair Hand Cream #naturalbeautyproducts (which now comes in a handy small tube size), which moisturizes and forms a protective film over hands to seal in moisture and nutrients, thus leaving your hands feeling smooth, soft and repaired.

3. There is no better way to unwind from the day than a relaxing soak in the tub. Using a tub treasure such as the Rose Bouquet Bath Bomb #handmadeproducts is the perfect addition. Bath bombs that fizz and fizz, releasing a bountiful rose bouquet natural fragrance as you sink into the milky depths of the bath, that both nourishes and softens your skin! Perfect!

Celebrating the UNIQUE BEAUTY of YOU! #uniquebeautyofyou Details on the products highlighted here and more can be found at #soulconcept

Happy Sunday!

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