Self-care Opportunity Sunday (S.O.S.) - Harvest Upon Us

This is the time of year that we not only start really noticing the daylight hours getting shorter, but also the chilly mornings and evenings, with the leaves noticeably changing colors. The abundant locally grown produce, as the gardens get harvested, with lots of canned and pickled goods. We notice the activity of on the land as the farmers are in full force harvesting the crops before the dreaded long winter sets in. (And it is a really LONG winter here in Alberta!) But before we think about the white stuff, there is still time to enjoy all the harvest activities and the opportunity to enjoy natures rewards of a growing season. No matter what rewards you are benefiting from, remember to stay present and conscious of the glorious rhythms of nature, all around us. This natural rhythm of fall means that time is ticking for us to complete all the harvest that we can before our time runs out on this harvest season. It is easy to keep pushing harder and harder to get it all done, so the trick is to ensure that we can take care of skin, bodies and soul to sustain optimal health while we push forward. And for me, its not all about the 'push'. Its also about celebrating the abundance of our harvest, sharing with those that love and receiving this with gratitude for the wonders that are produced on this land. For every plant, animal, insect, bird and human have a role in this greatest rhythm of all ... life! I hold in complete gratitude this natural rhythm, the abundant harvest, and each and every item that plays a role in 'life'! Gratitude this Sunday!

In those moments when you take the time to be grateful, you might also notice that you have been pushing things, the result might be aches, pains, tender skin, dry/cracked skin, swelling. Although as we get older, this might be how many of us feel daily. Nature has generously provided many plants that are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Pictured above is Alberta Goldenrod, known for anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. But, every plant has an energetic field as well. Goldenrods represent encouragement and growth. Often given in times of grieving and loss, goldenrods are meant to be a sign of positivity and support and also seen as a sign of luck and good fortune. Many of the plants that we consider to be 'weeds' were used as medicine, pain relief, beauty ingredients and/or nutrient supplements. What can you find out about the 'weeds' in your backyard? What 'gem of nature' lies in wait of being discovered?

This may be also the time to give some relief for your tender skin. Tender Skin Cream - Calm Spice is formulated to provide relief for your bruised, achy, sore and tender skin. With an abundance of natural anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as arnica, MSM, collagen II and emu oil; this calming skin cream will provide comfort to your skin and allow you to continue with all the harvest activities.

Similarly, the opportunity to relax those tired, achy muscles in a relaxing rejuvenating bath could be exactly what your body is asking for. Bath bombs are a wonderful way to relax, leave your skin on your body feeling soft and most often have a form of magnesium to replenish essential minerals that help restore muscle health, as well as aids in recovery rate to optimal health and has anti-inflammatory properties. Sounds exactly what is needed for this busy time of year.

Self-care Opportunity Sundays are for granting yourself the gift of time to recharge your skin, body and soul with the amazing perfection of nature. Let your intuition lead you to what you need!

Happy Sunday! And continue to celebrate the UNIQUE BEAUTY of YOU!

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