Spring 'Skin Care' Cleaning

Oh Yes,... There is nothing better than the signs of spring, after the long winter months. You might be enjoying those rays of sunlight and warmth you are feeling from it, or maybe you are anxious to get all the winter built up clutter organized in your house. Perhaps you are anxiously awaiting the planting season, and are starting seeds inside your house. And maybe you are looking at those bulky winter clothing and deciding it's time to pack them away for now.

Spring is a monumental time of change and rebirth, but have you ever thought about the needs of your skin with the change of the season, or a spring 'skin care' cleaning? If you are anything like me, or how I used to be,... you continue with the skincare ritual that has worked for you through each season and change only when you NEED to. But have you ever noticed that come summer or the middle of winter, the condition of your skin is not optimal at all? And that's because we continue to use the same skin care products that were effective in different seasons, but have not taken into consideration that our skin needs may be different now, in this season. Often we wait until we see the signs of unhappy skin and then attempt to treat the problem.

Come spring, the dramatic changes that occur with temperature, sun exposure, and humidity levels can cause irritation, breakouts and other aggravating problems with your skin. You know your skin and it's reactions / history better than anyone. What proactive steps will you take to ensure that your skin stays happy, healthy, and radiant all season long?

Top 4 Spring 'Skin Care' Cleaning tips:

1. Ritual Exfoliation and Cleansing - Taking advantage of the sunny weather and warmer temperatures, usually means being more active. More activity means sweating and increased natural oil production. The combination of of natural oils in our skin and sweating, throw in some dust, environmental grime, and our bodies natural cycle of releasing dead skin cells (and that's not even adding make up and sunscreen)... and you have a recipe for clogged pores. Proper cleansing and a routine of exfoliation that suits your individual skin needs is the key to preventing pore congestion and breakouts. Knowing or being presently aware of your skin and it's reactions are critical to provide optimal support to your skin. For example: I know that my dry, maturing and sensitive skin requires more gentle exfoliation during the warmer months, without triggering my triggering my sensitive, irritated and red reactions. Our recommendation is to always use gentle exfoliation and cleansing products, such as:

2. Swap Thick Cream Moisturizers for Lighter, Faster Absorbing Ones - Summertime dryness is different than wintertime dryness. In summer, because of the heat, skin needs hydrating ingredients that are light, cooling, and soothing (without any stickiness). While in winter skin tends to be chapped and irritated, opting for ingredients that are rich and protect against the wind and cold. Lighter, faster absorbing moisturizers can be in the following products:

3. Ramp Up Soothing & Skin Plumping Products as Prevention for Allergies & Irritation - With the rebirth in spring comes the time of year that is harsh on individuals who suffer from this season's allergies. Perhaps, you don't have allergies, but may be one of the many people who experience irritation from the elements. Pollen, mold, sun and wind can cause skin to become unhappy, inflamed, and red. If so, altering your skincare to ramp up the soothing, skin calming, and hydrating properties of natural ingredients, may be exactly what's needed to ensure your skin has a less reaction. Here are a couple of our favorite products:

4. Protection and Regeneration From the Elements - After the long harsh winter months, spending more time outside is all Canadians think of in spring. But getting outside does mean more exposure to the elements and the sun's harmful UV rays. Not only is it important to add a sun screen to you routine, but also to increase antioxidants in your skincare ritual to aid in cell regeneration and reverse the premature aging effects of UV exposure. The following are a few of our recommendations:

Bonus Tip:

A great way to transition your skincare from summer to fall or winter to spring, is by combining two products, or skincare 'cocktailing'. For example: Mix a bit of your warm weather moisturizer into your thicker cold weather cream for a period of time, say a week or two. This gradual transition will ensure that your skin is getting all the nutrients and vitamins that it needs to be healthy and happy, without the drastic change in composition. Try it for yourself!

As the weather gets warmer and warmer, there is no doubt that time will be spent outside, enjoying the rebirth and the majestic beauty of nature. Your skin will be right there with you. With a few slight changes to your skincare ritual, this could be your skin's healthiest and happiest seasonal transition of all! Welcome to SPRING!

Always, celebrating the UNIQUE BEAUTY of YOU!


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