What Does Celebrating 'the UNIQUE BEAUTY of YOU' mean?

When I was young, I often struggled with feeling short-changed in the distribution of beautiful features. I used a critical and harsh eye when self-evaluating each and every feature. And, when I was told that I had a 'unique beauty', I internalized this to mean that couldn't compare on a 'normal' beauty scale and therefore needed some unique criteria to allow me in the realm of beautiful.

But now, as I am older, I define 'unique beauty' as an empowerment of self-love, self-worth, love, and living life's journey on our own terms. I now embrace 'unique' and covet to learn more that does set me apart from others. I understand now that the term 'unique beauty' refers more to the state of mental and emotional energies. For example, by changing the lens over my eyes to love energy, what once was seen as wrinkles and lines with my harsh, unloved lens, now becomes the beauty lines of a smile and laughter. (That doesn't mean I'm giving up using my Caffeine Soothing Eye Gel!) On the contrary, it means that I embrace that I LOVE to live in a life of smiles and laughter and will continue to celebrate the UNIQUE BEAUTY of ME from a foundation of self-love, self-appreciation and understanding.

Love is the foundational energy of all our products at Soul Concept. It is with the love of nature, science and the loving energy of intuition that we formulate products to leave your skin skin feeling radiant, loved and uniquely beautiful.

Definition of 'unique beauty' as by the Reverso dictionary:

Unique Beauty- 1 Being the only one of a particular type; single; sole. 2 Without equal or like; unparalleled. 3 Informal very remarkable or unusual.

When we understand the importance of our thoughts and feelings in shaping our external beauty, then we can be empowered to choose to look at ourselves, others, nature and life through the lens of love. At Soul Concept, we see each and everyone through the lens of love, as unique, unparalleled and remarkable souls. And will always be honored to celebrate the UNIQUE BEAUTY of YOU!

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