Need a multi-purpose cleaner spray? How about the 75% Alcohol Hand Cleaner Spray. This high alcohol spray is effective, convenient and formulated for the skin on your hands, but can also be used other surfaces that require cleaning. The following are just a few suggestions: shopping cart handles & shopping basket handles, public tables & chairs, railings, door handles, etc. This convenient spray has been formulated for with high alcohol to clean away germs, bacteria and virus, while containing natural moisturizing ingredients aid in hand skin health.

75% Alcohol Hand Cleaner Spray

SKU: SP002

The 75% Alcohol Hand Cleaner Spray is specifically formulated to clean hands, specifically to clean away germs, bacteria and virus. We do support that cleaning with hand wash and water is still the most effective way to clean away any unwanted invaders, however sometimes hand wash and water are not convenient or available. The 75% Alcohol Hand Cleaner Spray is formulated to provide maximum cleaning to your hands, without leaving the skin on hands to feel sticky or tacky.  This versatile spray is a convenient size to be put into a purse or pocket and can be used on a variety of inanimate objects that might require cleaning as well. We aim to make products available that synergistically support your optimal holistic health. 


Spray hands with cleaner and rub to evenly disburse. Rub hands together till no longer wet. DO NOT PLACE OR USE AROUND OPEN FLAME. For external use only.