The Charcoal Polishing Face Cleanser warms in your hands for easy spread-ability on your face. The charcoal adds a grey color to your face, while attracting impurities. The jojoba beads and oils gently exfoliate and attract unwanted oils. As you add a bit of water to your face, this cleanser turns into a creamy lather that might remind you being in the woods after a rain. With more water, you gently wash away all dust, oil and pollution, revealing perfectly clean skin. 



Charcoal Polishing Face Cleanser



 Massage a small amount into your face, taking care to not add any water into the cleanser. Your face may be initially wet or dry. Dry skin will increase exfoliation. Warm balm in your fingers before smoothing it over your face, gently rubbing into skin. Add a bit of water to lather and wash off completely with water. Pat face dry.

Fragrance Transparency:

100% of the fragrance comes from the following essential  oils:

  • Cardamom Essential Oil
  • Michelia Alba Essential Oil
  • Fir Essential Oil