Do you suffer from dry, cracked and irritated skin on your hands and feet? We have the answer... Exceptional Hemp Repair Cream provides immediate soothing, hydrating, rejuvenating and protection to restore skin on your hands and feet to optimal health. With skin healing and rejuvenating natural ingredients such as Hemp Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5), and Bee Pollen, means that is repair cream effectively penetrates the driest skin to start repairing the health of skin.  Specifically formulated to leave your hands feeling pampered and protected. 


Key benefits include:

  • Rich  and soothing protection for skin on hands and/or feet.
  • Nourishing and hydration that penetrates dry skin as it moisturizes.
  • Naturally disinfecting any crack, cut or nick in the skin to help prevent infection or bacteria.
  • Formulated to resist further damaged caused by the elements.
  • Leaves skin feeling nourished and with a thin protected layer that is not greasy.


The Exceptional Hemp Repair Cream is the perfect choice for anyone you know with dry skin conditions, those who work with their hands, or individuals with dry, cracked feet! And absolutely can be used as a preventative measure to ensure that your skin does not get to one of these conditions! 

Exceptional Hemp Repair Cream

SKU: HL006

Directions: Use a small amount. Rub into skin on hands and feet as needed. For the best repair use often, regularly and before bed.


Fragrance Transparency:

All fragrance comes from botanicals in this formula and the following essential oils:

  • Lemongrass EO
  • Basil EO