Ever thought to yourself, If only I could find a cream that would calm, sooth and smooth my tired, irritated and sensitive skin? Mag-nificent Cream may be just what you need. Enriched with an essential mineral for energy production in our cells; magnesium. 


Magnesium is considered to be among the top five minerals that our bodies need. It is also widely accepted that the nutrient value from the foods we eat are not as abundant as what they once were. Magnesium, used topically, can help to replentish the magnesium required by our skin and cells. 

Use regularly to help:

  • decrease appearance of wrinkles - magnesium is said to required for the synthesis of DNA replication and the all-important antioxidant and smart-ager Glutathione
  • increase appearance of skin elasticity and moisture
  • plays a role in reducing acne or breakouts and can assist in reducing skin allergies and sensitivity reactions
  • assists in replentishing essential minerals, while moisturizing and soothing
  • reduce stress and when used before bed, may calm skin to assist in improved sleep patterns

Mag-nificent Cream

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