The Oat Cleansing Clay Balm is a gentle, almost creamy combination of oils and clay, mixed with the gentle exfoliation of oatmeal that results in a luxurious oil cleansers that is gentle, soothing and effective for all skin types. The balm may be applied to wet or dry skin, depending on the level of exfoliation your require.


Key benefits, for all skin types, include:

  • gently cleansing and exfoliates skin, without feeling tight from overstripping
  • keeps skin hydrated, revealing plumper, more supple skin
  • gentle deep cleansing. The oils and clay are to dirt and grime in pores, as a magnet is to metal filings; effectively attracting the oils, dirt, and grime in pores, so they can be washed away cleanly

Oat Cleansing Clay Balm