The Orange Cream Cleansing Balm is perfect for gently relieving skin of make up, sunblock, grim, oils and environmental impurities, while leaving skin clean, soothed and soft. 


This soothing, brightening cleansing balm is perfect for all skin types, daily cleansing ritual. The Orange Cream Cleansing Balm is rejoicing to your senses as well as your skin. The first thing you will notice is the super silky feel of the cleansing balm as you spread it on your face. So soothing, so creamy feeling, so amazing; knowing its attracting all your make up, oils, dirt and grime from your skin. Then the wave of orange peel will entice your sense of smell.  You can almost taste the juiciness! (But don't think about eating it!!)  And finally, as you add a bit of water to your face and continue to massage the cleansing balm, it turns into this milky lotion that reminds me of a creamsicle, and smells like one too. As you wash off your face, your senses are tantalized, leaving a glowing, healthy, cleansed face. This is one skincare ritual that you will be begging to repeat over and over again!


Key benefits, for all skin types, include:

  • gently cleanses skin, without feeling tight from over stripping
  • helps to reduce skin inflammation and replentishing to skin surface
  • keeps skin hydrated, revealing plumper, brighter, more supple skin

Orange Cream Cleansing Balm



DO NOT get water in container. Scoop out a small amount of balm. Rub onto dry face with finger tips. Massage around gently. Add a few drops of water to fingers, and lather into skin.  Rinse off balm. Pat dry. 


Fragrance Transparency:


100% of fragrance comes from the following botanical:

  • Orange Peel Wax