Sweet Vanilla Frost Hand & Body Wash is a gentle, but effective cleansing blend of natural surfactants , leaving skin to feel clean, smooth and soft without being harsh or irritating.  With the tantalizing scent of vanilla, benzoin, frankincense and spearmint, this blend will be revive your senses as much as your skin.  This wash is perfectly paired with the Sweet Vanilla Frost Hand & Body Lotion or the rich Sweet Vanilla Frost Body Butter Cream.  The result is fabulously soft & smooth skin!   

Sweet Vanilla Frost Hand & Body Wash

SKU: HW008

Directions: Apply a small amount to skin on hands or body. Add a bit of water to lather and clean, as you rub wash into skin. Rinse with running water till all suds and grime are gone.  


Fragrance Transparency:

All fragrance comes from natural vanilla extract and the following essential oils: 

  • Benzoin Essential Oil
  • Frankincense Essential Oil
  • Spearmint Essential Oil