Vitamin C Brightening Powder is 100% Ascorbic Acid. Ascorbic Acid is the free form of Vitamin C , which is not only the most quickly absorbed but also the most effective when applied to the skin. Ascorbic Acid is known to be tricky to formulate with as it will oxidize when mixed with water, losing its skin revitalizing strength. That is why, the Vitamin C Brightening Powder must be mixed to use and can be added to your favorite products only as you need.  Vitamin C would be used after cleansing and toning, but before moisturizing.


One of our favorite combinations is 1 scoop Vitamin C Brightening Powder. Put into middle of cupped hand. Add 2 -3 pumps of Mango Rose Hydrating Facial Mist and a small scoop of the Yarrow Nourishing Ceramide Face Cream. Mix together with a finger and apply all over face. Amazing! For a great addition to your bathing experience, add two scoops of Vitamin C Brightening Powder under your running bath water as perfect addition to Bathing Salts or a Bath Bomb. Allow the goodness of Vitamin C to enrich the skin of your body!

Vitamin C Brightening Powder

SKU: SP003

Directions: The Vitamin C Brightening Powder must be dissolved into a water soluble liquid prior to using, at a ratio of 1 part Vitamin C Brightening Powder to 3 part water soluble liquid. (water soluble liquid  includes water, toner, facial mist for example). The Vitamin C Brightening Powder may feel a bit grainy and not fully dissolved, and this is completely okay, but must have water soluble liquid added prior to the addition of any other ingredients.

Using the scoop provided as a maximum measurement of Vitamin C Brightening Powder per facial skin treatment; mix 1 scoop of Vitamin C Brightening Powder with 3 pumps of your facial toner, in the palm of your cupped hand. Dissolve Vitamin C Brightening Powder using a finger to stir. Once the powder is dissolved, feel free to add any other serum that you use to this mixture, or use alone. Using your fingers transfer the mixture to the skin on your face, neck and neckline as a part of your skincare ritual.