Winter Spirit Sugar & Salt Scrub is a gentle delicate blend of lively citrus, earthy notes of Spruce and Birch, with a touch of spice. Specifically formulated the sugar & salt provide gentle and effective exfoliation to the skin on your body, hands and feet, while softening the skin with a blend of nourishing oils. This Winter Spirit Sugar & Salt Scrub will wash off easily in the shower and bath! May follow up with your favorite butter or lotion for the softest, smoothest skin! to with natural surfactants to provide luxurious foam, effective cleaning power into a gentle formula that won't over cleanse and strip your hands of moisture.  



Winter Spirit Sugar & Salt Scrub

SKU: Sc002

Directions: Directions: Do NOT put water in scrub! Use on body, hands or feet not more than once per week. Scoop out product with spatula or clean spoon and recap scrub jar. Gently rub onto dry skin. Add a bit of water and continue to gently rub scrub into skin until sugar disolves. Rinse with additional water till all scrub is removed. Dry skin thoroughly. May use your favorite lotion or body butter. External use only.


Fragrance Transparency:

All fragrance comes from botanical orange wax and  the following essential oils: 

  • Sweet Orange Essential Oil 
  • Spruce Essential Oil
  • Birch Essential Oil
  • Cassia Essential Oil