🍁 SOUL Concepts stands with those who would restore freedom for all 🍁

This is my recollection and opinions of the events in Canada as of Feb 21, 2022.

In late January, a group of truckers had proposed to drive across Canada, to the legislative house of the Prime Minister and express their views on the 'over-reaching' power that has come from all levels of the Canadian government over the past two years, starting with the top leadership. These hard working, courageous , frustrated Canadians left their homes, businesses, jobs and family to exercise their rights to peacefully protest and the ability to have dialog with the leader of the country that represents THEM!

This group, willing to stand up for all the civil and personal freedoms that have been overlooked within the last two years, inspired not only millions of Canadians, but also the world. The response of the PM -JT was to call them a 'fringe minority' and label them as 'racist, misogynist, extremists' and then like we have seen over the past two years, used the influence of the mainstream (government funded and controlled) media to smear the efforts of this group.

The outpouring support from Canadians of all walks of life converged on many parts of Canada, supported by many nations around the world and our great neighbors to the south. The restriction of freedom is what a growing number of people are feeling clearly around the world. 

But PM-JT response to the his citizen's is to further slander them, hid from them (refuse to hear anything they have to say), and then to evoke the Emergencies' Act, because he believes that the peaceful protest of his fellow Canadians expressing there right to be heard by their leader is a threat to the sovereignty of Canada. This Act allows the JT's personal mandate to 'forcibly remove the assembly, detain and arrest without proof of a crime, freeze assets and bank accounts of anyone, confiscate vehicles and remove insurance on those vehicles that had been paid by hard working Canadians, and inflict violence upon Canadian citizens who dare to want the right to stand up for restoration of freedom. 

Agree with this group or not, but the response of the PM-JT, against his own people is CRIMINAL and represents a CORRUPTION within this country that needs to be stopped. To PM-JT, I say, it was not the actions of the groups of hard-working, peace-loving Canadians that has made you look incompetent and tyrannical, that was solely YOUR ACTIONS to your own people. 

SOUL CONCEPT was the birth of a life-long dream. But dreams can only be fulfilled when we are able to exercise our freedoms and have faith in the democratic structure that is free of corruption, and the 'god complex' of leadership  who inflicts restrictions, violence, and crimes against humanity, all for their own personal power and wealth. 

To stand with those brave Canadians, who were beaten, imprisoned, had assets confiscated and bank accounts frozen,... Soul Concept stands with you for having the courage to stand  up for the restoration of civil freedoms for all Canadians and for showing BRAVE leadership for the rights and civil freedoms of people around the world! 

Until ALL civil freedoms have been restored in Canada, (this includes all pandemic restrictions / mandates, the reversal of the enacted Emergencies' Act, and the removal of PM-JT who has embarrassed himself to the world and turned his power against his own people.) Soul Concept will not be ordering ingredients or shipping product. 

To my dearest customers,... I hope you will understand these measures that Soul Concept is taking to not only do the right thing, but to advocate (even in the smallest way) for the restoration of freedom for all Canadians. Doing the 'right thing' and 'standing up' is hard, but just as I believe in the principles of SOUL CONCEPT with my heart & soul, so do I believe in ensuring that my children, grandchildren and the generations to come may live in a FREE and DEMOCRATIC country that they will never see such corruption and protection of the 'elite'. I would rather stand now with my fellows Canadians (those brave truckers, who inspired a nation and the people of the world) to ensure the future Canada is a country we can once again be proud of. I will stand now, and call on my fellow Canadians to stand together to restore freedom and fall of tyrannical rule that will remove all businesses, assets and lives. 


🍁 'Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee!🍁




Our Beauty Principles

What started as a belief in the miraculous wonder of nature and its ability to supply us with what our body, skin and soul needs to be the best of our unique selves. Soon lead to the realization of how amazing our bodies are and how miraculously adding nature into the products we put onto our skin, allows our bodies to accept and use the nutrients, while encouraging our body's natural system of repair and rejuvenation. Each one of our formulations engages nature with the basis of science and the knowing of intuition to produce extra-ordinary beauty products. Made with LOVE, for you to LOVE the UNIQUE BEAUTY of YOU!

core Beliefs

  1.  All we need for holistic wellness, health and beauty can be found within nature.

  2.  Harmonizing with nature encourages our body's natural systems to repair and rejuvenate.

  3. We are all UNIQUE! We are all BEAUTIFUL! We are all ENOUGH! Listen to your INTUITION!

  4. Our LOVE, ATTENTION and INTENTION are infused in the energy of each glorious formulation.

  5. What we put onto our skin, affects us internally. We CHOOSE  clean beauty and ingredients that are safe and healthy.

  6. We practice environmental  responsibility. This includes: Sourcing sustainable ingredients, water conservation, minimizing packaging and careful consideration on the use of plastic.

  7. Our products will always be CRUELTY FREE. We won't make anything that we can't test on ourselves ( and our wonderful family and friends!)

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Proudly canadian

We are proud to call the beautiful, vast and diverse land of Canada, our home. We also look at incorporating local varieties of nature into our formulations. Especially those of the Western Provinces as this is where our ancestors settled, bringing with them an amazing understanding of how to use and harmonize with nature. This is knowledge that we are happy was passed down through generations.

We know that Canada is just a small part of the wonder and beauty of Mother Earth. Our appreciation extends to all countries, all nations; as we share resources. May we  all keep you balanced and healthy in  sustaining life for us all. 

Clean Beauty

what it means to us

Clean beauty, to us, means providing ingredients you abundantly love and want. And eliminating the use of ingredients that you may not want. We ensure that our ingredients feel 'right' with our energy and intuition.

We use high quality natural, naturally derived, nature identical and organic natural ingredients., most formulations are not less than 90% natural.

The following list are ingredients that you can be confident are NOT used in our formulations:

  • Sulfates : SLS & SLES

  • Parabens

  • Mineral Oil

  • Phthalates

  • Formaldehyde

  • Coal Tar

  • Hydroquinone

Fragrance transparency is important to us. We want you to have all the information available to make a good decision for your unique self. 

Love - 'Is the highest frequency you can vibrate in and the highest state of consciousness. In the pure frequency of love 

there is gratitude, creation, happiness and oneness.'

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Each formulation is made with LOVE and intention that you would LOVE them too!